Cheers to Delicious Savings

Blooming In Pink with BreadTalk!

BreadTalk ushers in spring with a gorgeous range of nine ‘pink-tone’ treats! This specially-curated range of products reflects the blossoming of flowers – a symbol of hope and new beginnings.

Spring beckons with the stunning Party Pink $44.80, decked out in a trio of pink – think alternating layers of pillow-soft pink vanilla chiffon cake, tangy raspberry rose coulis and strawberry white chocolate cream. Other cake options include Rolling in Pink $8.80 - a dreamy swiss roll enveloping a decadent strawberry jam and butter cream filling, and Strawberry Light Cheesecake $12.80 - a Japanese-style soufflé cheesecake with a moist, cotton-soft texture, dressed in pink sakura flowers.

A classic sweet bun, Melon Blush $1.90 is inspired by the traditional Japanese favourite melonpan with a crispy strawberry crust that resembles the surface of a rock melon and a strawberry milk filling.

Other noteworthy creations include Sakura Anpan, Strawberry Blush and Strawberry Donut Strawberry Steam Cake and Rose Butter Cookie.

Cheers to Delicious Savings

Introducing the Impossible Pepper

BreadTalk is the first Singaporean bakery to collaborate with Impossible Foods, creators of the award winning meat made from plants, to launch the Impossible Pepper - the perfect choice for customers looking for a delicious, pocket-friendly snack.

The Impossible Pepper features Impossible Foods’ famous plant-based meat, cooked in a delicious turnip and home-made black pepper sauce. The succulent filling is stuffed inside a charcoal bun topped with crispy rice puffs for that extra crunch.

Also, check out our newly launched healthier-for-you buns that checks all the right boxes in taste, texture and nourishment – Flax Flax and Boing Boing!

Head down to your nearest BreadTalk outlets and try them today!

Apple Worm

New & Improved Creations Now In-Stores

A more delicious experience awaits you with our New & Improved favourites. Hands up to those who miss Apple Worm! This hugely apple-tising creation is now back - bigger and better, filled with chunkier apple cubes for a juicier bite!

Try to spot our crowd favourite Tuna bun – now donning a new look and an improved recipe with red onions that enhances the flavour of the filling. Not forgetting Earthquake Toast lovers, be sure to try our new Cheese Toast that is now enhanced with not one but two delicious cheese – Red Cheddar and Gouda!

Head down to your nearest BreadTalk outlets and try them today!

The Wholesome Way

The Wholesome Way

Wholegrain options* are now available at BreadTalk with our range of Red Quinoa and Flax Seed buns!

Available in 6 flavours - Red Quinoa Ball, Cranberry Quinoa Boost, Quinoa Cheese Ring, Original Flax Seed, Black Olive Flax Seed and Raisin Walnut Flax Seed, savour the wholesome flavours of these breads that are made with hearty wholegrains.

Available at all BreadTalk outlets island-wide from $1.90 each.

*Red Quinoa Ball, Cranberry Quinoa Boost and Original Flax Seed are endorsed by HPB to be higher in wholegrains.