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About Us

A staple in the diet of many in Asia, we honour the art of bread-making by giving life to novel creations since our inception in 2000.

BreadTalk is a distinctive, award-winning Singaporean brand that has gained international appeal for its signature Flosss. With the belief that every bun has a life of its own and a story to tell, BreadTalk is renowned for the way it has revolutionised the culture of bread consumption with creativity and innovation.

At the heart of our brand, Flosss is an iconic product that has become synonymous with BreadTalk. Our range of breads goes far beyond Flosss, with new and exciting products regularly added to our lineup.

Our People

The heart of success

The hard work and dedication of our exceptional employees have been critical to our success. Each staff member is an important part of our success, and we are dedicated to cultivating a culture that empowers them to thrive and reach their maximum potential.

Our team is as diverse as the markets we serve, and we’re constantly thriving and creating outstanding delicacies year after year. Fostering an open environment where creativity thrives, providing our employees with the opportunities they need to keep developing.

A Brand New Experience

The BreadTalk blueprint of constant innovation and reinvention.

We focus on the perfect blend of natural ingredients, baking artistry, and modern technology. This exemplifies BreadTalk’s dedication to innovation and our response to the growing demand and ever-changing taste preference of consumers worldwide.

Our Awards
ASME Singapore Most Promising Brand Awards

Asia Prestige Brand 2019
Popular Brand 2002 • 2005 • 2011
Regional Brand 2011
Promising Brand 2002 • 2005

World Retail Awards 2014

Growth Market Retailer of the Year

Five Star Diamond Awards

World Brand Laboratory
2006 • 2012 • 2013 • 2015 • 2018

World Branding Awards

2015 • 2016 • 2017 • 2018 • 2019 • 2020 • 2021

Asia Marketing Award 3.0

Winner 2018

Design for Asia Award

Winner 2004

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