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Introducing Song Song,
BreadTalk’s new mascot!

Just like our signature Flosss, he’s fun, sometimes playful and full of bounce and energy. together with his creator – Master Chef, they are here to bring you joy and take you through the day, everyday!

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Our Brand Story

How it started

Established in 2000, BreadTalk revolutionises the bakery industry by introducing itself as a trendy ‘Bread Boutique’ store, where customers can enjoy a unique shopping experience buying bread, akin to shopping in a fashion boutique. With a strong international presence across 15 markets and more than 600 stores globally, we’ve become known for our trendy and playful approach to bread, creating products that not only taste amazing, but also look and feel special.

BreadTalk has elevated the art of bread-making since day one, with our innovative creations now a staple in many Asian diets. We continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, combining tradition with modernity to create something truly special.

Starting with just one outlet in Singapore, we quickly expanded throughout Asia and beyond, gaining a reputation for our innovative approach to baking and dedication to quality. We believe that baking is more than just a science – it’s an art form that requires passion, creativity, and attention to detail.

Our focus on using only the finest and premium ingredients has earned us the trust and loyalty of customers worldwide. From our signature Flosss buns to our artisanal breads and pastries, each item is crafted with care and precision, ensuring that every bite is a delicious experience.

Today, BreadTalk continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the bakery industry, while staying true to our roots and heritage. We’re proud to have created a brand that represents not only delicious baked goods, but also a commitment to innovation, creativity, and excellence.

Our People

The heart of success

The hard work and dedication of our exceptional employees have been critical to our success. Each staff member is an important part of our success, and we are dedicated to cultivating a culture that empowers them to thrive and reach their maximum potential.

Our team is as diverse as the markets we serve, and we’re constantly thriving and creating outstanding delicacies year after year. Fostering an open environment where creativity thrives, providing our employees with the opportunities they need to keep developing.

At the heart of BreadTalk, we have the Research & Development team – focusing on craftsmanship and on creating perfect harmony among textures, flavours and ingredients, the recipes are inspired from each passionate Chef’s personal take on classic simplicity. Every bite’s a joy as we continue to create products that bring an abundance of joy and goodness in order to satisfy the evolving needs of consumers. Their commitment to continuous innovation ensures that our bread selection is always evolving and adapting to meet our customers’ needs and preferences.

BreadTalk Chefs

Every creation. An endless devotion.

A form of art that combines precision with the skills and unique perspectives of our Chefs where they emphasise creativity, innovation and attention to every step in the bread-making process. The end result is often a sensory delight – perfect bakes from breads to cakes. The chefs strive to achieve a perfect harmony in every recipe, balancing textures, flavours and ingredients reflecting our commitment to delight our senses with every bite.


The BreadTalk blueprint of constant innovation and reinvention.

We focus on the perfect blend of natural ingredients, baking artistry, and modern technology. This exemplifies BreadTalk's dedication to innovation and our response to the growing demand and ever-changing taste preference of consumers worldwide.

Concepts over the years

At the heart of everything we do is creating unique and memorable experiences for our customers. We’re constantly improving our designs and exploring new ideas to provide customers with an exceptional shopping experience, striving to leave a lasting impression through our carefully designed store concepts.


January 1

“Bread Boutique”

“Bread Boutique”

“Bread Boutique” – where the customer experience of buying bread was like shopping in a fashion boutique store. Visual livery of a transparent kitchen with chefs serving up hot and fresh, fragrant breads. Creatively-designed breads lay on sleek white corian display tops.

November 1

“Elegance” Stainless steel

“Elegance” Stainless steel

“Elegance” Stainless steel – understated elegance that uplifts the boutique-styled experience, while paying meticulous attention to the finest details, from the carefully curated interior design and decor to the meticulously produced breads and pastries.

January 1



“Jewel” – Boutique jewellery-inspired retail concept with our bakery creations delicately presented on diamond-cut surface interiors where it becomes true works of art. Highlighting on our euro-inspired bakery delights along with fresh hot sandwiches on-the-stove.

January 1



“Rustic” – Natural rustic concept inspired by the rich heritage of European bread-making artistry. Drawing inspiration from the bread-making art to craft our healthful recipes bringing about a tantalising array of natural yeast breads.

January 1

“Chef’s Table”

“Chef’s Table”

“Chef’s Table” – The Chef’s Table, a culinary journey into a captivating private space. Our team of international chefs takes you through the stages of conceptualisation to the meticulous preparation of each bake to presentation that will leave you in awe.

September 1



“Wabi-sabi” – Art of imperfection, finding beauty in simplicity, authenticity and the transient nature of life. Wabi-sabi combines inspirations from the elements of nature with a neutral colour palette. Unlike minimalism, which seeks to streamline and eliminate clutter, wabi-sabi celebrates the knot in the wood or the wrinkle in the linen.