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Tea Cake Set
Box of 16


Each box comes with 16 tea cakes in 4 assorted flavours.

4 pcs x Pandan Vanilla Tea Cake
4 pcs x Chocolate Tea Cake
4 pcs x Kaya Tea Cake
4 pcs x Raspberry Vanilla Tea Cake

Size: Approx 2cm x 4cm per piece


Shelf Life

2 days chilled, including day of delivery


Pandan Vanilla Tea Cake
pandan vanilla chiffon, butter cream, fresh blueberry

Chocolate Tea Cake
chocolate tea cake, butter cream, dark sweet cherry, dark chocolate

Kaya Tea Cake
kaya tea cake, mandarin orange in syrup, white chocolate

Raspberry Vanilla Tea Cake
raspberry vanilla tea cake, butter cream, glazed red cherry, white chocolate shavings


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