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Prosperity Hamper 招财进宝礼篮


Prospertiy Hamper comes with
1 x Cashew Nut Cookie (Bottle)
1 x Mini Pineapple Pastry (Bottle)
1 x Coin Bak Kwa (Bottle)
1 x Pistachio (Bottle)
1 x Original Pork Flosss (Bottle)
1 x Chilli Pork Flosss (Bottle)
1 x Crispy Pork Flosss (Bottle)
4 x Pumpkin Matcha Crisps (pc)
4 x Peanut Crisps (pc)
1 x Mixed Fruit Jelly
1 x French Palmier Pastry (box of 8pcs)
1 x Michel Lynch Red Wine (bottle)

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