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Mid Autumn Pastry (Assorted)



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This set includes:
2 x Lychee Rose White Lotus Pastry
2 x Red Bean Salted Egg Pastry
2 x White Lotus Salted Egg Pastry蛋黄酥

Lychee Rose White Lotus Pastry : Dried rose petals and dried lychees are infused with sugar-free white lotus paste, then wonderfully enveloped in flaky pastry skin. A must-try for individuals who enjoy hints of floral and fruitiness!

Red Bean Salted Egg Pastry: Filled with sweet red bean, crunchy melon seeds, and salted egg yolk paste, enjoy this traditional flavour that brings back fond memories.

White Lotus Salted Egg Pastry: This delightful, handcrafted treat of buttery, flaky pastry is filled with sugar-free white lotus paste and premium salted egg yolk. The perfect gift for this festive season!


Lychee Rose White Lotus: Salted Egg Pastry Dough,White Lotus Lychee Rose Filling, Dried Lychee, Dried Rose Petals, Crushed Walnuts, Mix Sesame Seeds

Red Bean Salted Egg: Salted Egg Pastry Dough, Red Bean Melon Seed Filling , Salted Egg Yolk, White Sesame Seeds

White Lotus Salted Egg Pastry: Salted Egg Pastry Dough, Sugar-Free White Lotus Paste, Salted Egg Yolk, Black Sesame Seeds

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