• Mango & Raisin 芒果葡萄
    Like a tropical cocktail baked to perfection, you’ll love the delicious natural sweetness of wine-soaked mangoes and raisins.

  • Longan & Walnut 桂圆核桃
    Crisp and refreshing longan bits play a mash-up with crunchy walnuts for a creation that’s unbelievably satisfying on the tongue.

  • Onion & Cheese 洋葱芝士
    You’re in for a treat with this sensation, filled with flavourful cheddar and Dutch smoked cheeses, and the surprising aromatics of onions.

  • Orange & Chocolate

    Two flavours that are perfect together. Inside the golden crust, chocolate chips and diced orange peel combine to create an unforgettable experience.

  • Cranberry 蔓越莓
    The fragrant of the natural yeast dough makes the ideal base for the piquant hints of dried cranberries. Simply yummy!

  • Pinenuts, Earl Grey & Lychee 松子伯爵荔枝
    What a truly unique combination: fragrant pinenuts and wine-soaked lychee set an exotic tone while Earl Grey Tea leaves add just the right touch of sophistication!

  • Road Hog 霸王
    Yet another train delay? Road Hog will tide you over till lunch time with a generous serve of Chinese braised pork and egg dish, enveloped in a soft bun.

  • Chia Seed Toast 亚籽土司
    This HPB Healthier Choice toast is generously filled with chia seeds, providing high fibre & Omega-3, zero trans fats and cholesterol.
    Two slices provide you with 44% of your daily whole-grain requirement.

    这款HPB指定的"较健康选择"认证面包中包含了分量十足的亚籽,为您提供高纤维及OMEGA-3,不含反式脂肪或胆固醇。 两片土司便能为您提供每日所需全谷物的44%。
  • Sweet Potato Pot 金盆甜薯
    You don't even have to dig around much before finding the sweet golden pleasure. One bite and you can feel the rich flavours in your mouth. So dig in.

  • Ikan Bilis 小鱼辣椒
    The food debate might be ongoing, but let's not Sambal for another round of food fight. Who cares as long as our Sambal i-kan Bilis is all fired up and fried to perfection!

  • Curry Dozo 东京咖哩
    Golden crisp crust packed with chicken, potato & carrot. Hurry, Dozo.

    香辣的东京咖哩出炉时, 空气中传来阵阵浓郁诱人的面包味, 凡人无法挡的香辣美香, 相当过瘾!
  • Milky Dome 奶酥菠萝
    Walking on the Milky Dome can get oozy with milky cream and egg yolk, until you reach the finish line and taste victory of buo luo sweetness.

  • Beanie 小平头
    Try the season's new look with a mix of custard, red bean and caramelized sugar. Who says a beanie can't look good in summer?

    谁说小平头不流行? 带有红豆的甜及焦糖的香,小平头出其不意地给您无限惊喜!
  • Spinacheese 芝士波霸
    "I yam what I yam, and that's all that I yam!" says Popeye the Sailor Man

    只要咬一口,必定让您大吼: "我很强壮,我爱吃菠菜,我是大力水手波比!"
  • Pumpkin Toast 金瓜土司
    Another Healthier Choice item - Pumpkin Toast is free from trans fats, low in saturated fats and cholesterol. Two slices provide you with 43% of your daily whole-grain requirement.

    金瓜土司是另一款"较健康选择"认证面包—不含反式脂肪、低饱和脂肪、低胆固醇。 两片土司便能为您提供每日所需全谷物的43%。
  • Flosss 松松
    We are here to please you today, tomorrow and always. Remember to Flosss* daily!

    无言的故事 无声的陪伴 左转 右转 我在你左右 轻轻松松* 今天 明天 明明天!
  • Fire Flosss 火辣松松
    Our red-hot Pork Fire Flosss will satisfy your fiery appetite and set your tongue ablaze! Are you up to the challenge?

  • Sunflower 向日葵
    Flower Power! Crunch your way to health with our generous sprinkling of sunflower nuts, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds!

    花样面包撒满了葵花 籽、南瓜籽和芝麻,为您的健康锦上添"花"!
  • Smart Aleck 好小子
    Is it a wand or a baseball bat? We’re sure you’d be smart enough to figure it out! And don’t forget to wipe the custard cream off your lips.

  • Clay Pot Chicken 沙锅鸡
    1 cup + 1 cup + 1 cup = Three-Cup Chicken, and the beauty of this is even the clay pot can be eaten. Literally!