• Char Siew Pow 叉烧宝
    We go back to basics with this hearty Char Siew delight, guarantee to satisfy even the most insatiable.

  • Tomato Rocks! 番滚吧
    Searching for a nutrient-dense number to fuel your day? Look no further with our satisfying treat of carrot, broccoli and cheesy goodness!

  • Pumpkin Pow

    Did you know that Pumpkin is a superfood? Make this country favourite a regular in your daily diet today!

  • Brown Sugar Toast

    Nothing fancy, but nothing like this. Reminince your childhood with our brown sugar toast. Pair it with a cup of kopi for a complete aromatic experience.

  • Orange & Chocolate

    Two flavours that are perfect together. Inside the golden crust, chocolate chips and diced orange peel combine to create an unforgettable experience.

  • Onion & Cheese 洋葱芝士
    You’re in for a treat with this sensation, filled with flavourful cheddar and Dutch smoked cheeses, and the surprising aromatics of onions.

  • Cranberry & Cheese 蔓越莓芝士
    The fragrant of the natural yeast dough makes the ideal base for the piquant hint of dried cranberries with cream cheese surprise. Simply yummy!

  • Raisin & Walnut 葡萄核桃
    Take a bite into this natural yeast bun with wine soaked raisin, walnut, and antioxidant-rich wolfberries infused! Resist no further.

  • Longan & Walnut 桂圆核桃
    Crisp and refreshing longan bits play a mash-up with crunchy walnuts for a creation that’s unbelievably satisfying on the tongue.

  • Bakkwa & Cheese 肉干芝士
    Enjoy the best of both worlds with this savoury bak kwa and cheddar cheese infused natural yeast! The spring onion and sesame just makes it even better.

  • Road Hog 霸王
    Yet another train delay? Road Hog will tide you over till lunch time with a generous serve of Chinese braised pork and egg dish, enveloped in a soft bun.

  • Chia Seed Toast 亚籽土司
    This HPB Healthier Choice toast is generously filled with chia seeds, providing high fibre & Omega-3, zero trans fats and cholesterol.
    Two slices provide you with 44% of your daily whole-grain requirement.

    这款HPB指定的"较健康选择"认证面包中包含了分量十足的亚籽,为您提供高纤维及OMEGA-3,不含反式脂肪或胆固醇。 两片土司便能为您提供每日所需全谷物的44%。
  • Ikan Bilis 小鱼辣椒
    The food debate might be ongoing, but let's not Sambal for another round of food fight. Who cares as long as our Sambal i-kan Bilis is all fired up and fried to perfection!

  • Pumpkin Toast 金瓜土司
    Another Healthier Choice item - Pumpkin Toast is free from trans fats, low in saturated fats and cholesterol. Two slices provide you with 43% of your daily whole-grain requirement.

    金瓜土司是另一款"较健康选择"认证面包—不含反式脂肪、低饱和脂肪、低胆固醇。 两片土司便能为您提供每日所需全谷物的43%。
  • Flosss 松松
    We are here to please you today, tomorrow and always. Remember to Flosss* daily!

    无言的故事 无声的陪伴 左转 右转 我在你左右 轻轻松松* 今天 明天 明明天!
  • Fire Flosss 火辣松松
    Our red-hot Pork Fire Flosss will satisfy your fiery appetite and set your tongue ablaze! Are you up to the challenge?

  • Sunflower 向日葵
    Flower Power! Crunch your way to health with our generous sprinkling of sunflower nuts, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds!

    花样面包撒满了葵花 籽、南瓜籽和芝麻,为您的健康锦上添"花"!
  • Smart Aleck 好小子
    Is it a wand or a baseball bat? We’re sure you’d be smart enough to figure it out! And don’t forget to wipe the custard cream off your lips.