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Food Products

1. How do you ensure good quality products?
Quality control is a top priority at BreadTalk, checked for and qualified by food technologists.

We source globally to select premium natural ingredients and the ingredients are especially prepared from its raw state to create pastes or fillings within our Central Kitchen, ensuring greater quality control of the finished items.

Our buns and breads are then baked fresh at each outlet daily; larger loaves of bread such as our toasts are baked at our central kitchen daily and delivered to the outlets. These will be packed and indicated with the ‘Best Before’ date, following the industry’s indication of quality.

2. Where do you source your ingredients from?
We source globally to select premium natural ingredients such as high quality 100% Japanese-milled flour, pure butter from New Zealand produced by only grass-fed cows and red beans from Wandan, Taiwan, famous for its cultivation of red beans that are bigger and richer in flavour.

We also use premium Hokkaido milk and Trehalose sugar (that has about 40% less sugar than regular sugar) in selected cakes.

3. Your products are very expensive.
Our products are made of premium, quality ingredients that are globally sourced. We have a team of internationally renowned Masterchefs with our Research & Development team, who handpick these ingredients and continue to provide creative varieties, new creations and flavours to satisfy taste buds from Asia to the Middle East.

We remain committed to our product quality and would like to give our consumers the best experience with BreadTalk. You may learn our story here.

4. Why do your product prices differ in different outlets?
The industry prices products based on ingredients as well as operational costs. Due to the differences in rental and other operational factors, our product pricing varies accordingly.

5. Do you have nutritional information for your products?
We currently do not have any available nutritional information on our products.

6. How long can I keep the BreadTalk breads and cakes for?
Our breads are best enjoyed on the day of purchase as they contain no added preservatives.
For the best quality, we recommend for our consumers to consume:

  • Our freshly-baked breads within 2 days, including the day of purchase. For those with dairy/cream filling, we recommend that you consume them within the day
  • Our cakes within 2 days, including the day of purchase
  • Our packaged products such as our toast and dry cakes by the date as indicated on the ‘Best Before’ label

7. Which BreadTalk items are suitable for Vegans?
Most of our products contain butter, eggs, and milk, as part of the baking process. Do check in-stores with our bakers who will be better able to assist you.

8. Is BreadTalk Halal-Certified?
BreadTalk is not Halal-Certified.

9. Why are some products not available at consistent timings?
All of our products are freshly baked daily and are not made to order. Hence, on a day-to-day basis, the production schedule for each day and outlet varies accordingly to operational conditions. We remain committed to our product quality and our bakers are working hard to ensure sufficient quantity is available at our outlets.

10. Can I pre-order a cake?
Pre-order for cakes are available at all our outlets 3 days in advance and available for collection at an outlet of your choice. See here for the list of our stores.

We do not accept online orders.


1. Where do I submit my customer feedback?
You may submit your feedback to enquiry@breadtalk.com.

Our team is ready to assist you. We remain committed to our product and service quality. Thank you.

Join us

1. Are there any career opportunities available in BreadTalk?
You can send an email with your resume to careers_bt.sg@breadtalk.com or call our Human Resource Department at 68919146 or 68549722 for further enquiry.


1. I would like to locate a store and know more about the opening hours.
Please refer here.

2. I would like to start a franchise in Singapore/in the region. How do I go about doing so?
BreadTalk Singapore is wholly owned by BreadTalk Group Ltd and is not available for local franchising. For franchising opportunities in the region, please email to franchise@breadtalk.com.